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Including your pets in your ceremony

When you have a pet, a fur baby, or a four legged best buddy, they become a very important part of your life, so why wouldn't you include them into your life celebrations?  Celebrant Shell Brown talks to us about including your pet in your marriage ceremony.
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Pet Ceremonies

The human and animal relationship has existed for millennia and the way they have been regarded has varied greatly between cultures over time.  The ancient Egyptians and some Asian religions regard some animals as Gods, while in other societies they were simply food or beast of burden.

The keeping of animals as pets has been practiced for thousands of years.  In today’s society we celebrate our animals in many different ways... Celebrant Ros McFarlane is talking to us today about pet ceremones...

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Guest — Shell Brown

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Some great ideas here for celebrating these special family members
Thursday, 16 September 2021 08:17
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Pets at Weddings

When a couple’s pets are their fur-babies it is natural to want to include them in any family celebration. The Celebrants Network member, Sonia Collins takes us through the pros and cons of including your pet in your ceremony.

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Roslyn McFarlane

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