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Understanding old wedding traditions.

Ever wondered why a bride used to wear a veil or carries flowers to the marriage ceremony?  Celebrant Susie Roberts takes us through some well-known wedding traditions, and the history behind them...

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Rhonda Allen

Interesting read

Thanks for this Susie. As a big history buff I love to know about all these old traditions. What a different time we live in, but ... Read More
Monday, 08 March 2021 10:22
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Wedding Anniversary Symbols

Just sent an e-card to a niece in Queensland  "A happy anniversary bouquet for a beautiful bride and hubby on their 12th + 2 days anniversary!"

The Traditional symbols for 12th wedding anniversary are Silk/Linen and the New Tradition is Pearls which I love. The Flower is Peony.

Perhaps you can look up the symbols for the next anniversary in your life here at:

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Melbourne Celebrant - Jacqueline Anstey

This weeks featured celebrant is Jacqueline Anstey from Melbourne, VIC.

Hi, I am a registered marriage celebrant,and have extensive public speaking experience (over 12 years).

In my previous life, I was a corporate trainer and presenter, including some stints overseas. I also dabbled in project management and commenced a counselling course as well.

My long term training job finally came to an end at a similar time to me becoming a parent. What was I to do? I was excited about the opportunity to reinvent myself and being able to choose a career which balanced home and work life.

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