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Cultural Diversity

Australian people come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds – 270 ancestries to give some idea. Canberra Celebrant Susanna Jose shares what we can do to promote and model cultural diversity...

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Wendy Haynes

Thank you

Thank you Sue for your blog! We all need to belong and to matter!
Monday, 24 October 2022 09:30
Robyn Ryan

A great blog post.

You summed everything up so nicely. As a Celebrant in training, this is excellent advice. Thank you.
Thursday, 24 March 2022 14:57
Mary Thomas


Good fundamental advice for life - inclusiveness & sense of belonging for all. Thanks Sue
Thursday, 24 March 2022 10:50
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Day of the Dead

This week Mexicans will be gathering to pray, remember and celebrate those who have died.  There are so many ways that many cultures remember their loved ones after they've died.  Celebrant Mel Lawson from Oberon, NSW is sharing a few with us...

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Multicultural Weddings

As Celebrants we have the privilege of marrying people from all over the world.  Roslyn McFarlane, Celebrant and valued member of The Celebrants Network has outlined a few cultural traditions from around the world.

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