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How to say ‘Goodbye’ to a loved one when you can’t be there in person

We are certainly living in a strange time where some of us at sometime this year have been or will be denied access to our loved ones when they are sick, dying or have passed away.  Today we have Celebrant Susanna Jose from Canberra, ACT sharing her own personal story...

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Saying Goodbye is changing

Saying goodbye

The Australian government has set strict limits on numbers at funerals as part of the effort to contain the Coronavirus - COVID19.  There is currently a limit of 10 people at any funeral – and that includes the celebrant and the Funeral Director’s staff. (Note:  since this article was written in early April, the number has increased to 10 mourners plus celebrant and FD staff - these rules are likely to continue to change over the coming months) 

Social distancing must be in place so offering comfort is difficult.  We all understand the reasons for these limitations but they can be very hard for families, friends and colleagues to come to terms with.  

Sonia Collins - Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, regular blogger and Chairperson of The Celebrants Network, takes a look at new ways to say our last goodbyes during this current pandemic.

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Lou Szymkow


Nice article but perhaps to avoid confusion for visitors to this page, the article might be updated?
Tuesday, 28 April 2020 10:07
Sonia Collins


In the few days since this was written some States now allow 10 guests plus the celebrant and funeral director’s staff
Wednesday, 08 April 2020 20:17
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